The Little Shoal Bay Protection Society was established within North Shore City to promote the protection, development and use of Little Shoal Bay as a reserve and recreational area for local residents and the wider community.


  • To uphold and promote the implementation of the Little Shoal Bay and Le Roys Bush Management Plan (Dec 1997) and to protect the public open space including reserve/parkland, bush, wetlands and waters of Little Shoal Bay.

  • To promote public knowledge and debate of any proposals by Council, Local Board, Ports of Auckland or any other groups which could affect the environment, ownership, zoning and use by the public of the public open space or waters of the bay.

  • To act upon any issues which impact the bay.

  • To promote by gifting or purchase the addition of surrounding privately owned open space to the Little Shoal Bay reserve.

  • To receive and disburse funds necessary to carry out the objectives of the society.

  • To carry out any other legal action, which in the opinion of the society will further the objectives set out above. Such action may include, but is not limited to: purchase and ownership of real property; borrowing by mortgage or other means; fund raising; legal action.


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