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Since 1993, we have led the effort to permanently protect and enhance the Little Shoal Bay Reserve.


The Little Shoal Bay Action Committee (LSBAC) was established in 1993 by Tony and Dinah Holman, who recruited other locals horrified by the idea of intensive housing covering a substantial part of the Bay. There was a large groundswell of local support for stopping the development.

In 1995 Tony stood for the North Shore City Council and was elected. With strong support from the community, he and LSBAC fought a 6 year battle involving dozens of volunteers, hundreds of supporters and thousand of hours of voluntary work. This culminated in Council repurchasing the land in 1999, demolishing the old motel and creating a reserve on the land after a major operation to remove toxins in the soil from the manufacture of gas.

Today, the eastern land in the Bay has become a beautiful and much used public open space.


LSBAC changed its name in May 2008 to The Little Shoal Bay Protection Society to give greater emphasis to its guardianship role. LSBPS continues to represent you and works hard to ensure that the Bay is maintained as a precious resource for the whole community.

Everyone regards the Bay as ‘a gem’. But it is very desirable ‘real estate’ and there will always be interest groups wanting to take over parts of it for their own use and excluding the general public. There are also many more environmental improvements to be made – planting, appropriate parking, safety, wildlife protection, access to the foreshore and perhaps one day a nice beach in place of the seawall!


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